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A payment processor should do more than charge fees, they should help you grow your business

How Next Level Merchant can help you

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Customer Testimonials

Fuller's Jewelry
Randy Rasberry has been in business for 35 years and relies heavily on credit card processing to complete his business transactions.
Once he learned of Next Level Merchant’s low rates and outstanding customer service, he quickly switched and has been a happy customer since.
Ducati of Dallas
Jeff Nash from Ducati Dallas lives life in the fast lane and expects the same amount of speed from his credit card merchant.
With Next Level Merchant he can obtain those speeds, check out his customers quickly and efficiently and still have time for a bike trip with his friends.
Fitness HQ & Busy Body
Gary Glanger started out as a personal trainer at one of those big box gyms we all know about. But Gary wanted more, so he started his own gym.
Next Level Merchant not only provided the services he needed for his credit card processing but was able to assist him in growing his small business into a large stable entity.
Govindji’s Jewelers
Pradip Govindji owns and operates Govindji’s Jewelers and proudly accepts all major credit cards thanks to Next Level Merchant.
“Thanks for always being there, NLM”
- Pradip


What is the process to get evaluated?
On our first call I will find out more details on your business to give you the best recommendation. This will allow you to make proactive and smart financial decisions regarding your merchant account.
What are your rates?
The rate depends on your business needs. As I learn more about your business, I will walk you through the options that best suit your needs.
Can I use my current equipment and will it cost me to sign up?
There are no set up fees to get the account created. You can use your equipment as long as it is a current model that still follows the PCI Compliance guidelines.
What is the contract term?
There is no contract term for any of my clients, all accounts are month to month.
How long does it take to get set up?
We can get an account set up in as little as one day.
Do you offer gift card services?
Yes, we can make custom gift cards with your personalized logo.
If something goes wrong who do I call and how long does it take to fix a problem?
We have true 24/7 live tech support that can handle the process of any issue.
Why would I choose to work with you?
My personal guarantee is to offer the best service at the best price. I like to personally install your equipment and provide one on one training for your employees. I am always a phone call away.

Open a merchant account today!