Mobile Payment Systems

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Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) systems are compact, portable devices or software solutions that allow businesses to accept payments and conduct sales transactions on mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets or touchscreen pinpad systems with a fully integrated POS system.

Keep your business at your fingertips, your business travels with you everywhere you go.

mPOS Systems are ideal for:

      • Small and medium-sized retailers such as boutiques, pop-up shops, and farmers’ markets

      • Business’s on wheels such as food trucks, mobile vendors, event organizers and exhibitors

      • Service providers like hairstylists, personal trainers, and contractors who may not need a full desktop system.

Below are some of the examples of systems currently available:


    Go – Card Reader

      • Payments: Accepts chip, dip, and contactless payments including Tap-to-Pay on iPhone, Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and Samsung Pay®.
      • Digital Receipts: Stores digital receipts, sends them via email or text to customer-provided contact information, and tracks the status of outstanding balances.
      • Security and support: Clover Security Plus and all day, every day support to assist you with your needs.
      • Connectivity: Micro USB for charging, Bluetooth® to mobile device for payments.
      • Battery life: Estimated 160 dip, 160 swipe, or 130 contactless transactions per charge.
      • Compatibility: Compatibility: iOS 10 (Bluetooth LE required) and Android 4.4 (and higher).



    Product Specs:

        • 4” Screen
        • Bluetooth, 4G &WiFi
        • 2D Zebra Scanner
        • Replaceable Battery
        • Secure keyboard



    Product Specs:

        • 5.5” Large Touch Screen
        • Bluetooth, 4G &WiFi


    QD3 mPOS

    Product Specs:

        • mPOS Terminal
        • 4 “ Touch Screen
        • Ethernet, WiFi, and 4G
        • Pocket Size


    QD5 Pin Pad

    Product Specs:

        • Large Touch Screen PIN Pad
        • Ethernet, WiFi, USB
        • Stand Alone or Semi – Integrated Solution



    Product Specs:

        • Touch Screen
        • 4G, 3G WiFi
        • Stand alone and semi-integration


    Moby 5500

    A compact card reader for versatile integration

    • Accepts all card-based payments: EMV, magstripe and NFC/contactless
    • PIN-on-Mobile ready as PCI SCRP for SPOC solutions
    • Available with a cradle for desktop use & a clip-on extension to snap the device onto any smartphone for mobility


    Move 5000

    The perfect companion for mobile businesses, indoors and out

    • Enhanced customer engagement on the shop floor
    • Sleek design for high-end environments
    • Intuitive interface for best-in-class user experience

    Valor Paytech


    Pay At The Table Made Simple

    • Handheld POS
    • GPRS / 4G and Wi-Fi Connectivity
    • Large Scale Touch Screen Display

    Swipe Simple

    Accept credit cards on the devices you already own. Use your own phone, tablet, or computer to charge sales. Accept secure payments wherever and whenever your customers want to buy.

      • B250 Mobile Reader-
        • Connects to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth Low Energy connection.
        • Long-lasting battery life.
        • Supports contactless tap-to-pay (Apple Pay, Google Pay, contactless cards).
        • Also supports EMV Quick Chip and magnetic stripe cards.
      • Pax A920 Pro Terminal –
        • Cellular 4G and Wifi
        • 5.5-inch High-resolution Touchscreen
        • Tap-to-pay, EMV, Swipe Acceptance

    Pax A920 Pro Terminal

        • Cellular 4G and Wifi
        • 5.5-inch High-resolution Touchscreen
        • Tap-to-pay, EMV, Swipe Acceptance

    Valor Paytech

    RCKT EMV mPOS Reader