Desktop Payment Systems

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A desktop terminal is most common in a retail location. The terminal can be used as a standalone payment method for debt and credit transactions. The terminals also integrate with point-of-sale (POS) systems, e-commerce platforms, and accounting software to streamline payment processing and record-keeping.

Below are some of the examples of systems currently available:


    QD4 Terminal & QD3 Pin Pad

    QD4 Product Specs:

    • Large Touch Screen
    • Ethernet & WiFi
    • Internal PIN Pad & Contactless
    • Supports External PIN Pad (QD3 or QD5)

    QD3 Pin Pad Product Specs:

    • Ethernet & WiFi
    • Performs as a PIN Pad to a QD4 Countertop
    • Stand Alone or Semi – Integrated Solution


    QD5 Pin Pad

    Product Specs:

        • Large Touch Screen PIN Pad
        • Ethernet, WiFi, USB
        • Stand Alone or Semi – Integrated Solution


    Desk 1500 & 3500 PIN pad

    The Desk/1500 is a durable multi-payment acceptance solution designed to enhance customer experience at checkout.

    The Desk/3500 offers a seamless payment experience. It leverages the Telium application portfolio and complies with future security standards.


    Lane 3000

    The Lane/3000 is a cutting-edge retail PIN Pad, ideal for multiple use cases and environments including retail, hotels, and restaurants.


    Lane 5000

    Boost NFC acceptance and enhance checkout experience

    • Large touchscreen display combined with a compact consumer-facing terminal
    • Accelerated checkout, with electronic signature and boosted NFC acceptance
    • Designed for the most demanding retail environments

    Valor Paytech


    The Ultimate Countertop Solution

    • Countertop POS
    • Ethernet, Wi-Fi Connectivity
    • Large Scale Touch Screen Display

    Valor Paytech


    Perfect Partner for Your Payment Device