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Your payment processor should do more than charge fees; they should help you grow your business. We take great pride in custom tailoring your merchant account and equipment to meet your specific business needs.  Our customers range from small start-ups to large corporations.

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Price It Your Way

We help you save money on credit card processing fees.



Interchange Plus Rates refer to a pricing model where the merchant pays a fixed percentage rate above the cost (interchange fee) charged by the issuing bank of networks such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for processing credit or debit card transactions. Larger businesses with higher transaction volumes often use this pricing model as it provides a lower cost than a tiered rate but with more transparency and flexibility.

Cash Discount

Cash Discount

Cash discount is a practice where merchants offer a discount to customers who pay with cash. In this case, the merchant is not charging an additional fee for accepting credit cards but rather incentivizing customers to pay with cash. The discount is usually a small percentage, typically around 3-4% of the purchase price. In this example, merchants add 3-4% to every price tag in the store. When a customer pays with cash at the register, the terminal automatically calculates the discount when the merchant selects cash as the tender.



Tiered Rates are a more complex pricing model where the interchange fees fall into three different tiers or categories based on the type of card used. Each tier has a different interchange rate, and the merchant pays according to the transaction’s tier.



Surcharge credit card processing is when merchants add a fee to the total purchase price for customers who pay with a credit card. This fee is typically around 3% of the purchase price. In this example, the products retain their original price, and a 3% surcharge is added automatically at the register when a credit card is selected as tender. (Debit card transactions do not fall under Surcharge pricing and fall under Flat or Interchange Plus pricing.) The Surcharge pricing model allows the merchant to offset the cost of processing credit card transactions while encouraging customers to pay with cash or debit cards.

Flat Rate

Flat Rate

Flat Rates refer to a pricing model where the merchant pays a fixed percentage or a flat fee for each transaction, regardless of the card type or transaction amount. This straightforward pricing model benefits small businesses or merchants with low transaction volumes seeking simple billing.

Dual Pricing

Dual Pricing

A dual pricing program is a pricing strategy used by merchants where they display two different prices for the same item. One price is for customers who pay in cash/debit, while the other price is for customers who pay with a credit card. It is similar to the Cash Discount Program in that it involves different prices for the same item depending on the payment method. The difference lies in the reason for the price difference. In a cash discount program, the lower price is offered as an incentive to customers to pay with cash/debit, while in a dual pricing program, the higher price is meant to offset the merchant’s processing fees for credit card payments.

Accept Cards In-Person or Online

The Optimum Processor For Secure, Personalized Payment Solutions.

  • E-commerce
  • Payment gateways
  • Reoccurring billing for Subscriptions
  • Interchange optimization
  • ACH check processing
  • Card Not Present
  • Retail
  • Restaurants

Customize Your  Payment system

We offer a multitude of merchant processing systems with products ranging from mobile on-the-go solutions to complete custom-tailored Point of Sale systems integrating multiple locations. Whether you want to use a cell phone, tablet, computer, terminal, or a suite of equipment, we’ve got you covered!

Beyond Basic Processing

Gift Cards &
Loyalty Programs

Capital Funding

HR & Payroll

Back Your Business
With Capital Funding

Capital funding is a flexible alternative to a business loan.

Your payments are a fixed percentage based on the success of your business, which means if sales decrease, your payments reduce. Capital Funding helps business owners grow with working cash while maintaining a comfortable repayment plan.


What is the process of getting evaluated?
Upon our first contact, we will find out more details about your business to give you the best recommendation, allowing you to make proactive and intelligent financial decisions regarding your merchant account. From there, our Onboarding Specialist will complete a full evaluation, ensuring your success regarding pricing, equipment, business model, and ancillary needs.
What Are Your Rates?
The rate depends on your business needs. As we learn more about your business, we will walk you through the various options available. We have several customized pricing structures available and strive to provide the "perfect fit" to our clients.
XYZ promised me no processing fees. How does that work?
When signing up for merchant credit card processing, some companies may entice you with the lure of no-fee accounts. Although some legitimate programs offset merchants' costs, such as Cash Discount programs, "no-fee" accounts may contain hidden costs, which can quickly accumulate and reduce profits. It's essential to conduct thorough research and choose a reputable credit card processing company that openly discloses all charges. Don't fall for the promise of no fees - it's crucial to fully understand all the agreement details before signing up.
We all know there is no thing as a free lunch. Please provide me with the full quote the other company gave you and I will be happy to educate you on your true cost.
Can I Use My Current Equipment?
We are happy to research your specific equipment to confirm if we are able to reprogram your equipment or if your current processor has it locked down.
What is The Contract Term?
High Velocity Payments does not charge a cancellation fee. Eliminating cancellation fees is one way we keep the focus on our excellent service and pricing.
How do I install the terminal?
We program and test your terminal before delivery, so you only need to plug it in when you receive it. Our In-House Technician will also schedule an onboarding call with you to educate you on how to use your equipment and navigate your portal. We have a 24/7 customer support number and our local office number if you have questions during set-up.
How Long Does it Take to Get Set Up?
We can get an account set up in as little as one day.
Do you Offer Gift Card Services?
Yes, we offer custom gift cards with your personalized logo.
If something goes wrong, whom do I call, and how long does it take to fix a problem?
We have genuine 24/7 live tech support available at no extra charge.
How do I get my money?
During onboarding, you will send a copy of a voided check or bank letter from the account you want your funds deposited. All transactions are deposited directly into your bank account within 1-2 business days, excluding banking holidays. We do offer Next-Day Funding.
When am I billed?
We offer both net and gross deposits. With gross deposits, processing fees for an entire month of processing volume will debit as a separate transaction on the first day of the following month. Net deposits debit processing fees from every batch, making your deposits slightly less than your sales. We recommend gross deposits, meaning 100% of the funds you process will deposit into your bank account.
Do you integrate with ___ software?
Typically, integration isn't an issue. We are happy to call your software company to verify their integration requirements before deciding on your equipment needs.

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